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2023 Conservation Easements (Individual)


With increasing awareness about environmental conservation, landowners are presented with an opportunity to make a difference. By entering into a voluntary legal agreement, they can permanently restrict the uses of their land and in return, receive a charitable contribution tax deduction. This concept, popularly known as a syndicated conservation easement, also goes by other names like conservation restriction, conservation agreement, land conservation easement, and conservation easement deduction.

Do I Qualify for the Conservation Easements (Individual)?

If you're a landowner, the door is open for you to embrace this initiative. By willingly entering into a conservation easement agreement, you can ensure the preservation of the land's natural beauty and integrity while also availing a charitable contribution tax deduction.

2023 Conservation Easements (Individual) Details

Recognizing the urgency of preserving the earth's green cover and natural habitats, the Congress has continued its support by offering charitable deductions to individuals. This gesture is aimed at those who willingly enter a permanent, legally binding agreement to restrict the development and use of their land.

What is a Conservation Easement?

In simple terms, a conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement that a landowner enters into, limiting the use of their property to safeguard its conservation values. It's a nod to the future, ensuring that upcoming generations get to experience the land in its pristine form. While most of these agreements are permanent, there are instances where they might be valid for a specific term.

What are the tax benefits of a Conservation Easement?

The year 2023 continues to encourage landowners by offering them a charitable deduction equivalent to the land's value, once they earmark it under the conservation agreement. With the continuation of policies from previous years, the charitable contribution limits stand at 50% of income. It's noteworthy that farmers enjoy an exception, with their limitation pegged at 100% of AGI.


  • A significant reduction in taxable income.

  • The assurance of a perpetual buffer safeguarding the property.


  • Involvement of a third-party financial advisor becomes necessary.

  • There's an amplified risk of undergoing an audit.

  • A mandatory appraisal of the property.

  • The decision is irrevocable.

Assumptions When Taking the Conservation Easements (Individual)

At present, no specific assumptions have been outlined.

Requirements to Claim the Conservation Easements (Individual)

An appraisal of the concerned property is a prerequisite.

Business Entities That Can Claim the Conservation Easements (Individual)

Solely Individuals.


The Conservation Easements initiative for 2023 continues to promote the preservation of our natural habitats, allowing individual landowners to partake in a commendable environmental cause. By entering into a voluntary agreement, not only do individuals ensure the protection of the land's conservation values for future generations, but they also benefit from significant tax deductions. While there are various considerations and requirements to be aware of, such as the potential for audit and the necessity of a property appraisal, the benefits—both environmentally and financially—are profound. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, initiatives like the Conservation Easements play a pivotal role in ensuring a greener and more sustainable future for all.

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