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2023 Employee Achievement Award


In 2023, the Employee Achievement Award continues to provide employers with an opportunity to recognize their employees' contributions through tax-deductible awards. This award program, also known as a qualified plan award or employee recognition award, allows employers to give tangible personal property as awards to their employees, which can be excluded from the employees' income for tax purposes.

Eligibility and Details:

  • Awards can be tangible items like computers, furniture, or office equipment.

  • Individual awards up to $400 are eligible for income exclusion.

  • Total value for multiple awards should not exceed $1,600 per employee annually, with an average cost of $400 or less.

  • Awards of cash, gift cards, vacations, meals, lodging, or event tickets are not eligible for exclusion.

  • Owner-employees of S corporations are not qualified for this exclusion.


  • Cost-effective for businesses.

  • Provides tax-free income to employees.

  • Reduces taxable income and self-employment taxes for business owners.

Considerations and Requirements:

  • A written plan must be established and maintained.

  • All employees, except for S corporation owner-employees, must be eligible.

  • Awards must strictly be tangible personal property.

  • Adherence to the written plan document is crucial.


The award program is applicable to various business entities including Schedule C, Schedule F, S Corporations, C Corporations, and Partnerships.

Conclusion for 2023:

The Employee Achievement Award in 2023 remains a valuable tool for businesses to acknowledge their employees' efforts. By adhering to the specific guidelines, businesses can efficiently leverage this program to provide tangible, tax-advantaged awards to their employees, fostering a positive work environment and potentially improving employee engagement and satisfaction.

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