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2023 Guide to Installment Sales: Maximize Your Tax Benefits


Navigating the world of large asset sales, like property or businesses, in 2023? Consider the installment sale approach. This method not only facilitates payment spreading for the buyer but also offers you, the seller, a strategic way to defer capital gains tax. This is often termed the installment sale tax strategy.

Eligibility for Installment Sales

In 2023, if you're contemplating selling a significant asset, the installment sale strategy can be a savvy choice. This method lets you defer the capital gains tax, easing your current year tax burden by distributing buyer payments over time.

What Does an Installment Sale Involve?

An installment sale occurs when the buyer remits payments over an extended period, instead of a lump-sum payment. Key points for a transaction to qualify as an installment sale in 2023 include:

  1. The seller must receive at least one payment post the year of sale.

  2. A binding agreement is established where the buyer initially pays a part of the amount, followed by scheduled payments. These payments comprise both principal and interest, adhering to a promissory note.

  3. The agreed interest rate should align with IRS guidelines to avoid classifications as a gift or discount.

  4. Sales to related parties are allowed, but the asset reverts to the seller's estate if they pass away within two years of the sale.

Benefits and Considerations


  • Tax on the gain from the asset sale can be deferred over several years.

  • Potentially lowers your federal tax rate over time.


  • Risk of incomplete transaction by the buyer.

  • Possibility of higher future tax rates affecting the tax on payments.

  • Reporting complexities compared to traditional sales.

Assumptions and Requirements for 2023

  • Interest rates used should be current market rates.

  • The buyer should not be a related person.

  • The seller aims to sell an asset this year with at least one payment scheduled after the sale year.

  • The sale must result in a gain, as losses can't be reported under an installment sale.

Applicable Business Entities

For 2023, entities that can leverage installment sales include:

  • Schedule C, E, and F filers

  • Farm Rentals

  • S Corporations

  • C Corporations


In 2023, the installment sale remains a powerful strategy for those selling substantial assets. It provides a flexible payment structure for the buyer and significant tax deferral benefits for the seller. However, it's essential to weigh the risks and consult a tax professional to ensure this strategy aligns with your financial goals and tax situation. Embracing this approach can lead to a more manageable tax obligation and smoother asset transfer process.

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