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2023 Hiring Children Tax Strategy


In 2023, business owners continue to benefit from the tax advantages of hiring their children. This approach, commonly known as the hiring children tax strategy, remains a viable method for reducing tax liability and facilitating wealth transfer within families.


Parents who own businesses are eligible to employ their children. The strategy is particularly beneficial for sole proprietorships, spousal partnerships, and certain types of corporations.

Key Details for 2023

  • Children under 18 are exempt from social security and Medicare taxes.

  • Children under 21 are exempt from Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) taxes.

  • All wages are subject to income tax withholding.

  • Children aged 8 and above can work and earn up to the standard deduction amount.

  • Wages to children in corporations or partnerships with non-spousal members are subject to all taxes.


  • Reduces taxable income for the business.

  • Allows children to earn and potentially invest in retirement accounts.

  • Reduces self-employment tax liability.

  • Aligns with child’s standard deduction, potentially resulting in no taxable income for the child.


  • Payroll management and documentation are essential.

  • Additional bank accounts may be needed for children.

  • Compliance with state laws and federal labor standards is required.

  • Not suitable for hazardous occupations or under certain corporate structures.

Requirements for 2023

  • Wages must reflect market rates for the services provided.

  • Mandatory W2 filing for each employed child.

  • Strict adherence to labor laws, especially concerning age and job safety.

Applicable Business Entities

  • Schedule C

  • Schedule F

  • S Corporation

  • C Corporation

  • Partnership


In 2023, the hiring children tax strategy continues to offer significant tax benefits for family-owned businesses. While it requires careful management and adherence to legal standards, it provides an excellent opportunity for wealth transfer and tax efficiency. Business owners should consult with tax professionals to ensure compliance and optimal utilization of this strategy.

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