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2023 Home Administrative Office


Business owners who designate their home office as their primary workspace may be eligible to claim deductions for travel expenses between their residence and workplace. This is commonly known as the home office mileage tax deduction, commute deduction from home to work, and home administrative office deduction.

Do I Qualify for the Home Administrative Office?

For business proprietors who mainly operate from a home office but also have multiple other business sites outside their residence, the mileage driven for business tasks can be deducted if their home office is recognized as their main office.

2023 Home Administrative Office Details:

While many business owners chiefly work from a home office, they might also possess several other business venues outside their residence.

Should the business owner's home office be verified as their central office, the home office mileage deduction permits the deduction of mileage driven for business-related purposes from the instant they depart their residence, even if they're on route to another business site.

However, if the home office isn't the chief business site, the expense incurred for mileage from home to the inaugural business location for the day and from the final business spot of the day back home isn't deductible.


  • Diminishes taxable and self-employment income.


  • It's imperative to maintain a log and validate mileage.

Conflicting strategies: Accountable Plan, Section 179 Expensing.

Assumptions When Utilizing the Home Administrative Office:

  • The business mileage isn't claimed under any other tax strategy.

Requirements to Claim the Home Administrative Office:

  • The home office is consistently and solely utilized as the main business location.

  • There isn't another set location where substantial administrative or managerial tasks related to the business are conducted.

Business Entities That Can Claim the Home Administrative Office:

  • Schedule C

  • Schedule F

  • S Corporation

  • C Corporation

  • Partnership


In 2023, the Home Administrative Office deduction remains a valuable tool for business owners who operate primarily from their home office. By understanding and adhering to the specific criteria, business owners can maximize their deductions and benefit from significant tax savings. It's crucial for business owners to maintain accurate records, especially for mileage, to substantiate their claims. As tax laws and guidelines can evolve, it's always advisable to consult with a tax professional to ensure compliance and maximize deductions.

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