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Unlocking Career Opportunities at the IRS: A Deep Dive into LB&I Division


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not just a pivotal institution for tax administration in the United States; it's also a dynamic workplace offering diverse career opportunities, especially within its Large Business and International (LB&I) division. This blog, inspired by insights from the IRS "IRS Large Business and International Revenue Agent," sheds light on the unique and impactful roles within the LB&I division, emphasizing the division's high-profile work, innovative approaches, and the vast career paths available.

Key Highlights

The LB&I Division: A Hub of Diversity and Innovation

  • Diverse Expertise: Beyond accountants, the LB&I team includes attorneys, engineers, economists, and data scientists, showcasing the division's multidisciplinary approach to tax administration.

  • Innovative Tax Administration: Specialists in LB&I handle cases at the forefront of global and domestic tax issues, applying innovative solutions to both taxpayer services and compliance challenges.

Career Growth and Professional Development

  • Dynamic Career Paths: Employees in the LB&I division experience various roles and responsibilities, contributing to a rich and diverse career within the IRS.

  • Continuous Learning: The IRS prioritizes in-depth training and encourages continual learning, ensuring that employees are well-equipped to tackle complex tax issues.

Work-Life Balance and Employee Support

  • Flexible Scheduling: The IRS values work-life balance, offering flexible work schedules, generous vacation and sick leave, and support programs to help employees manage personal growth and family life.

  • Supportive Work Environment: Both leadership and colleagues in the LB&I division foster a collaborative atmosphere that supports professional growth and personal well-being.


  • Impactful Work: Working in the LB&I division means having a significant impact on tax administration, handling high-profile cases that influence global and domestic tax policies.

  • Professional Growth: The variety of roles within LB&I allows for continuous professional development and the opportunity to explore different facets of tax administration.

  • Work-Life Harmony: The IRS's commitment to work-life balance ensures employees can achieve professional success while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.

Brief Addons

LB&I Division: Beyond the Numbers

  • Collaborative Culture: Employees enjoy a collaborative environment that values communication and teamwork, allowing for a richer work experience and professional networking.

  • Autonomy in Work: Revenue agents and other specialists have the independence to lead audits, select examination items, and interact directly with taxpayers, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Joining the LB&I Team

  • Career Opportunities: The IRS encourages prospective employees to explore career opportunities through and to watch recruiting snapshot videos to hear directly from LB&I employees.

  • A Call to Action: With roles that cater to a wide range of professional backgrounds, the LB&I division is actively looking for candidates who are eager to contribute to its mission and growth.


The IRS's Large Business and International division offers a unique blend of challenges, opportunities, and rewards, making it an attractive career destination for professionals across various disciplines. Whether you're an accountant, attorney, engineer, or data scientist, the LB&I division provides a platform to make a meaningful impact in tax administration, grow professionally, and maintain a balanced personal life. As the IRS continues to evolve, it remains committed to fostering a workplace where innovation, collaboration, and work-life balance thrive.


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